20. August 2020 - Providentia editors

Providentia: Predictive perception for safe automated driving:

Intelligent infrastructure systems can greatly expand the scope of perception of automated vehicles and thus enable safe, predictive driving. To do this, the level of accuracy of the image of the current traffic situation must be established. The lack of a ground truth for vehicle positions makes validation difficult, however. New ideas are needed. The Providentia system presents a concept of how intelligent infrastructure systems can be validated using aerial image analysis.



6. July 2021

Resilience for sensors and algorithms: 3 errors in focus

The external infrastructure plays an important role in compensating for sensor errors and making connected driving safer and more reliable. AI expert Dinu Purice from Providentia++ partner Cognition Factory is working on algorithms to improve reliabilit.


22. June 2021

Plausibility checks of sensors: Particularly efficient in networks

The more sensors are integrated in a network such as Providentia++, the easier it is to find errors. Intel has developed a plausibility check for the roadside infrastructure monitoring sensors. Researcher Dr. Florian Geißler on identifying and excluding bad measurements.


30. April 2021

Traffic: Digitalizing like a real-time company

The more traffic is digitalized, the better accidents and traffic jams can be prevented. Real-time decisions have long been established in companies. What can we learn from the world of business? A commentary by Prof. Alois Knoll.