20. August 2020 - Providentia editors

Providentia: Predictive perception for safe automated driving:

Intelligent infrastructure systems can greatly expand the scope of perception of automated vehicles and thus enable safe, predictive driving. To do this, the level of accuracy of the image of the current traffic situation must be established. The lack of a ground truth for vehicle positions makes validation difficult, however. New ideas are needed. The Providentia system presents a concept of how intelligent infrastructure systems can be validated using aerial image analysis.



12. April 2021

Highly automated vehicles: How drivers react to them

he more highly automated vehicles are on the road, the more slowly human drivers will drive as well. Drivers need to learn how to deal appropriately with highly automated vehicles.


12. March 2021

Many sensors, one digital twin: How does it work?

In the coming months, the number of sensors in the Providentia++ project will more than triple. To fuse the data from cameras, radars, and lidars, scientists work with probabilities and evaluation pipelines. Questions for Leah Strand from the TU Munich.


26. February 2021

Agora Verkehrswende: Does connected driving save energy?

How does connected and automated driving affect vehicles’ net energy consumption? Marena Pützschler, specialist for new mobility and automated driving at Agora Verkehrswende, has studied this question. She tells us about it here.