Traffic: Added value by big data

More than one petabyte data is created week by week on the Providentia++ test field. They are needed as to distinguish cars from motorcycles and bicyclists, to recognize maneuvers, to analyze accidents and to simulate traffic.


Providentia++ consortium meeting: New sensor stations in early 2021

19. February 2021 At the first Providentia++ consortium meeting, it is clear: the digital twin is becoming increasingly robust and precise. And in spring 2021, five new sensor stations with more than 50 new cameras, radars, and lidars will go into operation.

Elektrobit: Making research data available through Test Lab

10. December 2020 Providentia++ partner and Continental subsidiary Elektrobit collects data from the test section on the A9 highway, making it possible to identify and analyze special scenarios such as tailgating, merging, and passing. We talk to Simon Tiedemann of Elektrobit.