Traffic: Added value by big data

More than one petabyte data is created week by week on the Providentia++ test field. They are needed as to distinguish cars from motorcycles and bicyclists, to recognize maneuvers, to analyze accidents and to simulate traffic.


The big comparison of test fields for automated and autonomous driving

2. February 2022 Christian Creß looked at scientific publications on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) with external infrastructure and analyzed about 350 worldwide publications and 40 test fields for automated and autonomous driving. The "Test Field A9" scientist from the Technical University of Munich concludes, "Germany is a hotspot in research."

Automated and connected driving: Testfeldmonitor makes projects and testfields transparent

15. November 2021 There are 24 test fields and 140 projects related to automated and connected driving in Germany. Hardly anyone knows them. provides remedy.

Automotive industry: Artificial intelligence as a differentiating factor

18. August 2021 Michael Nolting's book "Artificial Intelligence in the Automotive Industry" looks at why artificial intelligence will become the competitive differentiator.

ASIMI Fact Check: Automotive Software Architectures

11. August 2021 As part of the Automotive Software Interfaces & Middleware Initiative (ASIMI), we asked experts from the automotive industry - about trends, their significance, their benefits as well as the challenges.

Connected car services with great potential

6. August 2021 Vehicle connectivity and automation is becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry. Particularly high growth potential is expected for connected car services, according to a recent study by IW Consult and Fraunhofer IAO.

Predicting movements by autonomous agents

31. July 2021 To predict movements, many trajectory options must be taken into consideration and prioritized. The FloMo model works with probabilities and has been trained on the basis of three datasets. Its performance is improved by a proposed method of stabilizing training flows.

Highly automated vehicles: How drivers react to them

12. April 2021 When highly automated vehicles are on the road, human drivers tend to adapt their behavior, driving more slowly and safely. New findings from traffic psychologist Vanessa Stange from the Technische Universität Braunschweig.

Agora Verkehrswende: Does connected driving save energy?

26. February 2021 How does connected and automated driving affect vehicles’ net energy consumption? Marena Pützschler, specialist for new mobility and automated driving at Agora Verkehrswende, has studied this question. She tells us about it here.

Is autonomous driving safe? Questions for accident researcher Matthias Kühn

26. February 2021 In Germany, level 4 autonomous vehicles will be allowed to drive on the roads from 2022, according to a draft bill from the Federal Ministry of Transport. Accident researcher Dr.-Ing. Matthias Kühn discusses autonomous driving and safety.

Comparison of test fields with external infrastructure for automated and autonomous driving

20. February 2021 Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) with external infrastructure: 350 global publications and 40 test sites for automated and autonomous driving compared.

Connected traffic: A fact check of the projected benefits

2. December 2020 Connected traffic is one of the four central areas that promise significant growth for the automotive industry, next to autonomous driving, electromobility, and shared mobility. How is the market developing, and how can connected driving benefit traffic? A fact check.

Trendone: 5 technology trends – and how Providentia++ uses them

19. November 2020 Machine learning, the Internet of Things, and predictive analytics as top cross-industry trends; automation as one of the mega-trends; and autonomous driving about to take off: Trend researcher Trendone has looked at technology trends.

Patents for autonomous driving: Data management is most important

21. October 2020 It is not OEMs that will play the main role in future innovations regarding autonomous driving, but companies that focus on data management. That’s according to a recent study by attorneys at the Grünecker patent law firm, who analyzed patent applications.

Autonomous driving: New impulses for the city

7. October 2020 How automated and autonomous driving influences and changes traffic in the city: This is one focus of Fraunhofer IAO’s study on autonomous driving in the context of the city of tomorrow. Some possible opportunities for urban traffic.

Agora Verkehrswende: 8 insights into automobile automation

17. September 2020 Fewer parking places, more data protection, comfortable driving: The Agora Verkehrswende initiative has compiled the most important insights into the automation of the automobile. Here, we have selected eight of the most relevant insights for you.