Traffic: Added value by big data

More than one petabyte data is created week by week on the Providentia++ test field. They are needed as to distinguish cars from motorcycles and bicyclists, to recognize maneuvers, to analyze accidents and to simulate traffic.


Software at OEMs: Collaboration instead of “Clash of Clans” at Stellantis

21. October 2021 Having 14 car brands under one roof also means leveraging synergies. Questions for the head of software, hardware and AI development at Stellantis Joachim Langenwalter.

Software standards: A must for the automotive industry?

21. October 2021 "VW's Cariad software unit aims to disempower Bosch, Conti and ZF". "BMW calls for joint German operating system". "The software still works like a flea circus". Just a glance at some of the daily newspaper headlines of recent weeks shows: There is a need for discussion here. Our topic talk in cooperation with automotiveIT gets to the bottom of the matter.

ITS World Congress: An industry on the way to the City Brain

9. October 2021 Providentia++ will present the current state of research at the ITS World Congress. What consortium leader Prof. Alois Knoll expects from the leading congress for intelligent transport systems and what the external infrastructure has to do with a City Brain.

Operating systems in the car: what to buy, what to do yourself?

6. August 2021 Does an OEM-owned operating system for vehicles make sense? It is clear that the costs of keeping systems "up to date" will be immense in the long run. A discussion at CCI Summit 2021.